Barra of Mendocino

It is a privilege to work with the Barra family and an honor that our new Barra wine label won the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition’s Best of Class award, one of the world’s most respected and highly publicized wine competitions.

The Barra family wanted a more contemporary design while paying homage to their 70+ year history of grape growing and their dedication to organic farming. I was inspired by the powerful icon in their vineyards, the oak tree. It represents wisdom and knowledge, strength and endurance, stability and honesty. These are the same traits that make Barra a legend in organic wine growing and provide the foundation for crafting exceptional estate-grown wines year after year.

The Girasole (pronounced “jeer-uh-so-lay”) label was designed to convey their history and dedication to natural wine-growing practices with a bright eye-catching illustration that would stand out on retail shelves.


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