Karen Adair

brand consultant/designer
creative/art director
graphic designer

40 years as a graphic designer working with a diverse range of clients has given me a deep understanding of branding, visuals, and messaging. It has honed the skills it takes to visually tell my clients’ stories in a way that expresses what’s unique about them and connects with their audience.

DG’s success has given me the ability to work from home so I could raise and support my boys all the way through college. I am grateful. It has been very rewarding.

I believe the key to that success is my relationship with and dedication to my clients.

I care to get to know you and learn what’s important to you. I care about understanding your business, and that my work is strategically, creatively, visually, and idealistically on target with your goals.

I care that you’ve entrusted me with your projects, that our working relationship is a good collaboration, that you’re not only happy with the results, you’re happy with the experience.

I care that what we create is honest and authentic and has your best interest at heart. I care about making a difference in your business, because to me you’re more than just a client.

I know well that this is what fulfills, inspires, and drives me. It’s what makes me good at what I do. And it’s why, after four decades, DG thrives, and I still love doing what I do.

When I’m not working, I’m most likely playing League of Legends, or TFT, or some other video game (most often with my kids and their friends), or playing the piano, or playing on an Oregon Coast beach or in the forest, or new places where I can revel in natural beauty (most often with my camera).