Karen Adair

Owner, brand designer,
creative/art director,
graphic designer,

Normally, this is where I would go into detail about owning and operating DG for almost 40 years. Where I’d talk about my college degree, certificates and awards, the transition from design by hand into the digital world, and how I cherish my relationship with my sons and love to play and explore and learn. But what matters most here is…

…I care.

I care to listen and understand what’s important to you. I care about understanding your business, and that my work is creatively, visually, strategically, and idealistically on target with your goals.

I care that you’ve entrusted me with your projects, that our working relationship is a good collaboration and experience, and you’re happy with the work I do. I care that what we create is honest and authentic and has your best interest at heart. I care about making a difference for you and your business, because to me you are more than just a client.

After doing this for almost 4 decades I know well that this is what fulfills, inspires and drives me. It’s what makes me good at what I do. And it’s why I love doing what I do.

If this fits what you’re looking for, I would love to make this journey with you.

Let’s get your branding on the right track. Send an email or give me a call.